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We're still hanging on, but dropped all the way to #30 this week, so we'll need your vote more than ever to stick around on the show!

You can vote once per day until Thursday at 5:00pm AST.

Thanks so much for your support! <3

Happy Monday!!

We're excited to share that CIOE 97.5 FM have named us C&A Auromotive Artist of the Day for July 20th, 2020!

That means you’ll be hearing lots of COMPOSIT tunes today on 97.5 FM! We even chatted with Luke Ettinger, the host of East Coast Mornings!

Listen to the interview, below!

New single (and album) on the way. The first taste of our new era hits streaming services on 7/24/2019! Be sure to follow us on our socials and on Spotify to be the first to know when more details are released.

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @WeAreComposit SPOTIFY:

We're super excited to share some new music with you. :)

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