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We were invited to perform CARELESS WHISPER last night (7/20/2019) at Brookfield Roots Homecoming Concert.

It was our first time performing in front of a crowd, and we were joined at the very last minute by Wayne Hingley on bass. (He was learning the chords as we walked on to the stage; What a pro!)

We had an amazing time and received a very warm reception from the Village of Brookfield. Thank you Tim Ross, for the invitation! Also, it's just a few week's shy of the 35th anniversary of the original release of the track by the legendary, late, and very much missed George Michael; a fact we were 100% oblivious to when we chose it to perform it for this show. One of the greatest pop songs of all time. If anyone hates it, I haven't met them, and hope I never do.

Are we dreaming!? Someone pinch us, please?

On the June 29th episode of East Coast Music Hour, which airs on CBC Radio One across eastern Canada, host Bill Roach chose our brand new single, ALL WE ARE, as one of 2019's East Coast Songs of Summer!

To say that we're grateful, delighted and in disbelief is an understatement!

Check out the episode below. We're in amazing east coast company and the hour of music is fantastic.

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