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We have a ton of fun rehearsing this track, and it's definitely one of the more unusual and unexpected offerings we've released for your ears (thus far) so one day I thought it might be fun to make a DIY music video with some public domain footage.

The resulting video for TORPEDO zoom-zoom-BOOMs on to Youtube today! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Just hit that play button and FIRE AWAY!!

The last track from our first living room session is this acoustic rendition of OVERBOARD from our debut album 1.1: The Depths! As usual, there will be goofy jokes and tomfoolery. Check it out! If you enjoy us, please like, comment, subscribe!

When you can't stop drowning in heartbreak's despair, sometimes you get a little desperate.

From the debut album 1.1: The Depths, available now! Get it on your preferred streaming/retail service via Songlink:

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