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Mark is a huge U2 fan, and there's a lot of U2 influence in our first album. After touching on mild vanity and the Riverdale hiatus, Dean drops a few F-Bombs (BEEP!) and then we perform our first cover: U2's Every Breaking Wave (from Songs of Innocence).

The song is gorgeous, and the lyrics fit thematically with our album, 1.1: The Depths (Available now @ digital retailers!)

P.S. Watch out for a brief appearance from the Inspector Gadget theme song. That's just how we roll.

We recently took our first stab at shooting some live video to share with all of you. We laid down three tracks to start, but this is just the beginning.

The first we'll share is our debut performance of Beautiful Distraction, the latest single from our debut album.

One might say this song is an ode to the post-breakup cuddle buddy.

If you enjoy, please subscribe to our YouTube page. We'd love to receive your comments and requests for upcoming videos!

Our album, 1.1: The Depths, is available everywhere digital music is sold. (More Info)

Sometimes solace is the only way to turn the tide...

Presenting: Beautiful Distraction, from our debut album 1.1: The Depths, available now at all digital retailers! (More Info)

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