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New Single/EP: ALL WE ARE - Out Now!

Our new single/EP, ALL WE ARE, is here! (and we're super thrilled to share it with you. It's been tooooo long!)

ALL WE ARE came about one day as I was overwhelmed by another breakneck news cycle. Amid the chaos and confusion I started thinking about all of the amazing advancements humans have made as we've evolved and yet you look around at the hate and disdain in the world right now and you can't help but feel like we're moving backwards. This is our rally cry for LOVE + COMPASSION in these difficult times.

The EP contains a radio edit and full version of the song, and bonus b-side FINE LINE.

You can find ALL WE ARE on your favorite music platform; just click this link!:

If you dig, please add the song to your favorite playlists. (Reach out to us on social media if you do; we wanna know!)

Also, we'd love to know what you think of the song; come and chat with us on Reddit: r/composit

Until next time,

- Dean

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